Tuesday 131217


Death by Burpees:
Start a timer and do
one burpee the first minute,
two Burpees the second minute,
three in the third minute etc. ..
until you can not finish all of the Burpees within a minute.

Post your rounds  and any extra reps to the comments.

(Sorry for the dry posts this week. Our Internet at home is acting wonky so I’m posting from my phone. Should be fixed tomorrow!)


  1. Susan says:

    Took a 40 minute brisk walk. Then completed 9 burpees within minute. Barely made that!

  2. Donna & Gary says:

    Warm up walk around the neighborhood.
    Donna – 10/min
    Gary – 13/min

    After three years, I still think burpee’s bite!

  3. Kellie says:

    I am currently getting sugar and gluten out of my body so therefor that is why I did not do the workout. Yesterday was my 2nd day and it wasn’t pleasant.

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