5 Rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
20 Pull-ups
20 Squats


  1. Miguel says:

    Nice one for a Monday
    WoD: 15:59 Rx

  2. Ned says:

    Agree with Miggy. Those pull ups add up. Plus I had to sub the rower for the runs so my arms have been toast all day.

    16:53 (sub rower for runs).

  3. J.D. says:


    Tore a callous, but not as bad as Chris did. Finished RXed in 17:14. Did the first round in one minute, fifty-eight seconds. Finished the second at the five minute mark. They just kept getting slower and slower. My forearms are going to be toast tomorrow…

    1. T-Rex says:

      Welcome to “T-Rex Arms”!

  4. T-Rex says:

    I came close to tearing, but fortunately didn’t. I saw the pic of Chris’ hand, ouch! :(

    J.D., I know what you mean, I kept getting slower too (35 minutes rx’d and sorry ski team)!

    1. J.D. says:

      The T-Rex arms are already setting in. :(

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