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CrossFit can scare the hell out of people.

When I first discovered CrossFit I was already a Personal Trainer and CrossFit was still very much a “grass roots” organization. I was drawn in by the free flow of information coming out of the CrossFit community from some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world. This was a far different world from the rest of the “fitness industry” at the time. Back then there were very few fitness blogs (that were worth reading), there was a general attitude among the rest of the training world that “I know the secret to training and the only way to get at it is to train with me/buy my product/subscribe to my site, etc…” Then here came CrossFit, posting videos, articles, a very inexpensive online journal (it was a monthly pdf. file back then!) pictures, workouts and instruction almost all for free!

This free flow of information has drawn in huge numbers of people and created a groundswell of CrossFit “Athletes” all over the world. The fittest people on the planet are now competing for huge cash prizes, endorsements and recognition on a global stage in the CrossFit Games.


It really does look kind of scary. When you are watching the fittest people on the planet pushing the envelope of what we think is possible for the human body to endure, it’s a little hard to imagine that the same fitness protocol can be scaled and applied effectively to anyone: kids, grandparents, injured, sick, overweight, underweight…you know, all of us “normal” people! But not only can it be scaled for normal people- it is designed for normal people!

Since we posted our Amazon Deal, I’ve been getting some inquiries from people who are wondering, “Is this for me? Can I do this?”. My answer…I have yet to find anyone that I was unable to train safely and effectively using CrossFit methods. Some examples? Sure! I’ve trained (with good results) people with all of the following attributes (some with multiples of these!):

Ages 5 – 89
Adult body-weights from 89# – 517#
Full implant replacements of knees, hips and shoulders (sometimes all in the same person!)
Parkinson’s Disease
Hypo- and hyper-active thyroids
Multiple Sclerosis
Quadruple Bypass
Bulging disks
Fused disks
Tennis Elbow
Plantar Fasciitis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Shin Splints
Broken Ankle
Broken Foot
Fused Wrists
Chronic Fatigue
Paraplegic Paralysis
Cancer Survivor…

Ok this was fun when I started but it’s getting tedious. You get the picture.

I can put a name and a face to each of the people I have coached that had the above attributes. But 99% of what you see online looks like THIS. Now I love that video and I am a fan of both Chris Spealler and Heather Bergeron, but does that really paint an accurate picture of what we are all about? The general public doesn’t see that in that video, those athletes are talking about The CrossFIt Games, not Crossfit as a training regime per se. The training we give you is for you, not for the elite. It is purposed to take you to your next level- not someone else’s idea of what you should be.

We provide elite training – for normal people.

Recently I contemplated taking this blog down. At least, I was going to stop posting our WOD (Workout Of the Day). Why? Because some of you look at it and say “oh- I could never do that!”, some of you say, ” I don’t want to do this!”.  I want what’s best for you. We all (the coaches) really want to provide you with just the right prescription that is going to be the most productive for you!

So if you’re new and CrossFit looks scary- well, it can be. If you’ve been here for a while, let this stand as a reminder that the work we prescribe is infinitely scale-able to suit your needs. In either case, the best way to get over your fears or hesitation is to come in, talk with your Coach, and get what you need!

More on how to approach CrossFit tomorrow…

Row 700m
60 Tire Flips
50 Push-ups
40 Squats
30 K2E
20 WallBall
10 Burpee Pull-ups



  1. Paul J. says:

    26:44 suck fest. Uncle Pukie wanted to visit but I told him no.

    1. PXTCody says:

      Paul- Starting with the rower is always a bad omen. Kudos for finishing- sorry to have missed it!

    2. PXTCody says:

      Oh and thanks for posting about the workout making you want to puke on an article about newbies not being afraid of CrossFit.

      1. Paul J. says:

        I know. Sorry about that. That thought did occur to me nano seconds after I pressed “submit comment”. Timing wasn’t great on that one.

  2. Kristen York says:

    I kicked that rowers ASS today! It was the only part of the WOD I did Rxd, and when I finished Naomi Said, “WOW you’re already done?!” Hell yeah I’m done!! I love the rower! Maybe I can sub rowing for running in the Hood to Coast?! Hmmm……

    1. Ben says:

      Agreed. Running is for communists.

      1. PXTCody says:

        “Running is for communists.”


    2. PXTCody says:

      Kristen- we can put the rower in the van and I’ll promise to only drive as far as you row for each leg!
      that should work

      1. Kristen York says:


        Or, we can put the rower on wheels and tow it behind the van!!! While I row you drive each of my legs. It might get a little shakey on the uphill, in gravel section of my run, but I think we can make it work!

  3. Jill says:

    I’d like to modifying the tire flip for myself by using a motorcycle tire, or the spare tire out of my car – what do ya think!

    1. PXTCody says:

      I saw you OWNING that tire this evening Jill.
      Bertha is more afraid of you than you are of her.

      1. Jill says:

        That could have been a result of the frustrating day I had at work yesterday…maybe I should have more of those kinds of days – it makes me work out harder

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