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Today was supposed to kick off a big batch of Clinics but with all the events and changes of the new year, they got lost in the shuffle! The last series of Clinics we did were almost all sold-out, this time hardly anyone has signed-up. I can only assume it is because of the busy season and information overload!

Se we are going to re-set and re-organize! Instead of beginning all of the clinics on the same week, we will spread them out and have a new one starting every two weeks or so.

First up will be the Saturday Barbell Strength Clinic. This will take place each Saturday at 12:00 noon, right after the 11:00am CrossFit Class. It will be a Six week clinic starting on Saturday, January 28th.

The Barbell Strength Clinic will teach the concepts and planning for maximizing barbell strength. It is most valuable for students who may want to take a short break from regular CrossFit programming in order to maximize strength gains, or for the strength specialist athlete (the Powerlifter).

The Barbell Strength Clinic will focus specifically on strategies for increasing maximum loads of: Squat, Deadlift, Standing Press and Bench Press. Topics will include: Technique, Training Volume, Recovery, Speed vs. Strength, Accessory movements for correcting imbalances, Injury Prevention and more…

The Barbell Strength Clinic is a pre-cursor to a new Class I would like to introduce: The Barbell Club, will meet three times per week in the beginning and will be geared toward individuals with the above strength objectives. The above Clinic will be a prerequisite for anyone wishing to be a part of the Barbell Club.  Eventually I would like to see a competitive Strength Team grow from this, with a daily offering of classes and frequent local competitions for Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting. Of course this will be determined by the future demand for such a program.

Current “Unlimited CrossFit” members may attend this Clinic for $60 and may then join the Barbell Club for no additional cost.

Non-Members and “Ala-Carte” members may attend this Clinic for $120 and may then join the Barbell Club for a monthly fee of only $75.

Sign up today!

At Westside Barbell, Strength is their sport. The folks in this video are hard-core strength specialists: Powerlifters. In the sport of Powerlifting there are many tools that may be new to many of you, straps, wraps, suits and belts to name a few. Although we will be using primarily “Westside” techniques, we will be focusing more on the amateur level athlete who will likely be competing in local “Raw” Strength competitions, without the use of specialty Suits. We may explore “suited” competitions in the future but that again will be based on the demand. Either way, we will get strong. Very Strong!

Next Up:

  • Running and Endurance 6-week Clinic, Feb 6th  (7 weeks before the Shamrock Run! Great way to prepare!)
  • Olympic Weightlifting 6-week Clinic, Feb 20th (New and improved course focusing on Clean & Jerk and Snatch!)


4 Rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
50 Squats

Watch WOD Demo Video! : wmv. or mov.

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  1. J.D. says:

    Legs. like. tree. limbs.

    I finished in 14:58 despite this stupid cold. Yucky. Miguel, I told you not to worry about the strength stuff — you’re kicking ass on the metcons, buddy!

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